Why Choose Us

All home inspectors are not created equal :

Home inspectors must be knowledgeable about all aspects of residential building systems and their operation. They must be able to recognize and report on non-performance and the potential for failure.

Inspectors should be able to:

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  • Describe the system types and the materials involved.
  • Recognize the typical defects and their implications, including safety concerns
  • Understand all building systems components and repair technique
  • Use proper terminology
  • Perform inspections in a manner consistent with the standards of practice of the home inspection profession


The real questions you should be asking when looking to hire a home inspector:

How long have you been in the home inspection business and what is your previous background?

Years in business

  • Over 10 Years


  • Construction engineer
  • 25 years in building/ renovating
  • 0ver 15 years property management


  • Construction Engineering
  • Completion of the Home inspection training program with honours
  • Yearly continual education
  • Certified Home inspector
  • Registered Home Inspector ( Highest level of Accreditation )


  • OAHI ( Ontario association of home inspectors )
  • CAPHI ( Canadian association of home and property inspectors )

Report style

  • Easy to read computer generated report with photos within 24 hours

Moisture Metre

  • Free Moisture testing at every inspection

Infrared Imaging

  • Free Infrared thermal imaging at every inspection


  • 100% Money back guarentee

Response Time

  • Within 24 Hours


  • Free technical support for as long as you own your home

Do you have the proper education and training

Most inspectors have completed the home inspection courses:

But: I emphasize training because their is no way someone can be trained to perform a proper home inspection just by taking courses at a school. It takes years of practical experience, getting you hands dirty, and years of physically working in the construction industry building and renovating houses.

Would you hire an engineer who has been sitting behind a desk for the past 20 years designing HVAC systems ?

Would you hire a painter who completed the inspection courses online?

Would you hire the roofer who got hurt and this was the course WSIB trained him in?

Would you hire the retired firefighter who needs some extra money in his spare time?

Would you hire a casino worker who performs inspections in his spare time?

When looking to hire a home inspector it is imperative that your first question is : What was your career before becoming a home inspector, Not --How much do you charge.--- Is it really worth saving 20-40 dollars. A great home inspector is someone who has physically worked in the construction industry building and renovating homes and commercial properties.



I am in the business of rejuvenating and selling properties and Mr. Andrusiw is the only inspector I use.