The gutters are often the most neglected part of the home. Keeping them clean is important. They help protect your house during heavy rainfall or snow, and also improve its exterior. For them to work at optimal condition, they need routine maintenance and care. Follow these tips to make them work as efficiently as possible.

Clean With Care

Leave no stone unturned when you are cleaning your gutters. It might be annoying, but the pay-offs are worth it. Your gutters should be checked and maintained twice a year. Most homeowners do it once in the spring and once in the fall. To remember, set a reminder on your phone or mark your calendar.

Although there are plenty of experts that specialize in gutter cleaning service, you can do it by yourself if desired, but the necessary supplies should be purchased beforehand. Be prepared to climb a ladder if your house has multiple stories. Cleaning services typically cost less than $200, making it a wise investment for those not prepared for the physical challenge or who want to save time.

Understand Repair and Maintenance

If water from the roof isn’t kept away from your home it might result in expensive damage. While cleaning, check to see if your gutter can still perform its function. Look for these warning signs:

  • Cracks
  • Splitting
  • Sagging
  • Water Damage Around Gutter
  • Peeling Paint

If you notice one of these red flags, begin gutter repair immediately. If you wait, it might result in more damage and thus higher costs. Most spend between $250 and $350 on gutter repairs. Don’t attempt to do it alone unless you have extensive experience.

Don’t Forget the Gutter Guard

A gutter guard is a critical investment for any home. If twigs, leaves and debris get caught in your gutter system often, it can eliminate the mess and prevent clogs. It can also make your cleanings easier to complete. Search for one that fits your gutter and allows water to flow naturally. There are several styles available:

  • Mesh Screen Gutter Guard
  • Reverse Curve Gutter Guard
  • Brush Gutter Guard
  • Stainless Steel Screen Gutter Guard
  • Foam Gutter Guard

Watch Out for Pests and Rodents

Insects and critters can wreak havoc on your gutters just like the inside of your home. They can build nests and seek shelter inside your gutters, putting yourself, your home and themselves at risk. Squirrels, birds and possums are often reluctant to leave and can mate and have young if not forcefully evicted.

Don’t try to remove the animals yourself in case they carry diseases. Instead, call a reputable pest removal company. Most homeowners spend less than $350 in the event of an infestation.

Keep your home in top condition by checking your gutters regularly. Your home will have better curb appeal and you can enjoy the bad weather with peace of mind.



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