Heritage Building Inspections

Heritage Building Inspections

Older homes were not built the same as homes built today. Building practices and materials have changed over the years and it takes years of experience in building and renovating to understand the difference in framing techniques and building materials to give you a detailed inspection.

With Real home Inspections you will get the most thorough, unbiased inspection to help you make an informed decision.

Our Services Include:

  • Details of the home include the age of systems and life expectancy
  • All building and utility materials in the home, over 1600 items
  • Location of shut off and disconnects for utilities
  • Free infrared thermal imaging
  • An overview detailing the key findings.
  • Professional report with Photos and colour illustrations for clarity.
  • Improvement recommendations for conditions, with time frames and ballpark costs. To see a sample report, click here
  • Recommendations for repairs, improvements and renovations
  • A copy of our Home Reference Links to help understand how houses work, what wears out and important maintenance suggestions

Friendly and extremely knowledgeable inspector.