I have been a real estate investor for many years and have hired many different inspectors over the years, but now I will continue to hire Paul. He is very Educated, professional and has a unique ability of putting things into perspective. Also his computerized reports are very interactive easy to read.

Amazed at how thorough and informative the home inspection was.

Paul was very helpful in giving us the proper information we need in our purchase

We were very apprehensive about purchasing this apartment building because it needed so much work, But Paul was able to give us costs and put everything into perspective. Thanks for everything. And Yes with your experience and expertise it would be great to become partners on our next investment.

I called last minute and Paul was able to fit me in. Paul did an extremely good job. He was able to explain everything to me in layman terms. I found Paul very professional, thorough and patient with all my questions. I will recommend him to anyone.

Friendly and knowledgeable home inspector. He took the time to go over every detail and made it very clear of what needs to be done now and in the future. I will recommend your services to everyone that I know.

I am in the business of rejuvenating and selling properties and Mr. Andrusiw is the only inspector I use.

Trust and an expert in his field. Thanks for everything

Paul was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very thorough and indicated all the issues with very useful recommendations and solutions.

We were very impressed with how extensive the home inspection was and your wealth of knowledge. We also greatly appreciated the time you took to explain each and every question or concern we had throughout the entire process. Furthermore, the report went above and beyond our expectations!

Great report, I was able to just forward it to my contractor so they knew exactly what needed to be done.

Paul was professional and very patient with all our questions. We found the benefit of having a professional to be worth every penny and put our minds at ease.


Paul was straightforward with the information about any findings in the home. He offered great suggestions on how to fix things, prospective costs, and provided clarity as to the difference between maintenance items and Flaws.


Thank you for your help giving us clarity to our questions.


Friendly and extremely knowledgeable inspector.


Thanks you for booking my client in the last minute. And impressive report.


My clients were very apprehensive about buying their first investment property but with the inspection report and your impressive amount of knowledge in property management they were able to make an informed decision.


Great service, even after the client has moved in.


Its great that you don't use a lot of technical wording that can confuse the clients. Highly professional and to the point.


I always recommend Paul to my clients

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I always recommend Paul to my clients